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Orlando, who was dining with Leonardo DiCaprio at the Cipriani restaurant on Wednesday night, was very, very angry, when Justin, who didn’t have a reservation at the eatery, approached their table to try to talk to the actors.

DiCaprio had proceeded to shoo away the pop singer with his hand, leading Bieber to provoke a fight which saw Bloom jump over a sofa to get at the 20-year-old Baby singer at the restaurant.


(x) this just keeps getting better

dicaprio had proceeded to shoo away the pop singer with his hand


god, bieber is such a prick

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The next supreme


The next supreme

Guardians of the Galaxy was amazing!!

Absolutely Brilliant from start to end!!

Lee Pace was great as Ronan<3

"We… are… Groot"
I give all my feels to baby Groot right now <3 (via why-so-mischievous)


*wakes up at 9* nice

*immediately falls asleep, wakes up at noon* less nice


"i’ll be speaking with my lawyer" is the adult version of saying "im telling mom"


hows everyone? watching shit anime? ya me too

Misha + talking about his childhood

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